Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance covers your legal liability for property damage, economic loss or personal injury if your business is found to be negligent.

Public liability cover is important for many types of New Zealand businesses and is available to business and individuals. Liability insurance provides legal protection to consultants, home-based businesses, sole traders, trades like builders, electricians, and plumbers, through to a major businesses. If your business requires customers or members of the public to visit your business or home, or if you visit their premises to conduct work, then liability Insurance is worth considering. Any business that faces a risk of potential loss, injury or damage to a person or their property, then a public liability policy should be considered.

For some consultants and businesses public liability insurance is mandatory in order to be engaged. Business owners are best to consult a specialist to ensure they get the correct cover for their specific type of business.

Public and product liability insurance protects businesses against the costs of compensating third parties if they suffer bodily injury or damage to their property. This cover pays for the claimants’ legal fees, the costs of defending the action as well as damages awarded, fines and penalties to the third party.

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