Business Finance

If you’re buying a business, restructuring finance, or looking to expand your business or franchise then we can help. Bizfinance (Financial Service Providers) will work with you on your business financial requirements and make sure your business finance application is well prepared and feasible so you get your best shot at getting the finance you need for your business. Through established relationships with key lenders in New Zealand, bizfinance will provide a quick turn-around and decision, and look after your needs through the term of your funding requirements.

Financial Service Providers for:

  • Sourcing and securing funds to get you the best possible deal.
  • Maximising the benefits of your cash flow.
  • Structuring debt, so it best suits your needs and your business.

Why Financial Service Providers:

  • Experienced brokers specialising in business finance and lending.
  • Secured over $102 million in loans over the last 60 months.
  • Understand business and business financing.
  • Know how to do the deal – will structure it to your advantage.
  • And you only pay if it goes ahead!

Always do your homework before you move on any opportunity, as banks and lenders will want proof that you have done this before they provide any funding.

When buying a business; lenders will want to know:

What type of business it is, how long has it been operating, how it’s performed over the last three or so years (Statements of Financial Performance), have a breakdown of the asking price and know how much you are looking to borrow.

They will also want to know what you are bringing to the table as far as skill, experience, and what cash or equity you have and security you are willing to supply.

Securing suitable business finance can be complicated so good advice and use of specialists are essential so you get it right the first time. Enquire about a business loan